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Where I Stand

Where I Stand

My Pledge to the People of District 16

I will continue to work for you in a civil and bipartisan manner, and to oppose extremism, polarization and intimidation in our politics.

Where I Stand

Filling to run for District 16 Idaho Senate. 

Filling to run for District 16 Idaho Senate. 

Medicaid Expansion


  • Livable Wages

  • Paid Family and Medical Leave

  • Affordable Day Care

  • Consumer Protection

  • Repeal the Grocery Tax

  • Repeal the Legislature’s Residential Property Tax Hike

Livable Communities:

  • Public Transportation

  • Safe and Efficient Walking and Biking Routes

  • Local Control

  • Preserving the Character of Our Community

  • A Strong and Growing Economy with Good Paying Jobs

Human Rights

  • Add the Words

  • Gender and Racial Equality

  • Fair and Humane Immigration Policies

  • Disability Rights

  • No Age Discrimination

Protecting Our Public Lands, Environment, and Climate

Protecting the Right to Vote

  • On-line Voter Registration

  • Vote by Mail

  • Open Primaries

  • No to Voter Suppression Tactics, Buying Elections and Gerrymandering


  • Quality Public Schools

  • Pre-K

  • Good Pay for Teachers and Staff

  • No Vouchers

  • Tuition Free College

Career Technical Training

  • Quality Programs

  • Apprenticeships

  • Tuition Free