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My Senate Record

My Senate Record

Civility and Bipartisanship

When I was first elected to the Legislature in 2008, I pledged to work in a civil and bipartisan way for the people of District 16, and I believe I have done that by forging strong alliances across party lines.  Although needed legislation still fails and bad legislation still passes, there have been important victories.  I think we all know that extreme partisanship and incivility is harming our state and country, and I will continue to make every effort to overcome it.

Bills I Helped Make Law (2017 and 2018)



HB 146 (2017) assures that sexual assault victims receive medical examinations even if they are unable to pay for them, and outlines how long sexual assault kits must be kept as evidence.

SB1105 (2017) made it a crime to willfully or intentionally fail to return rented equipment within 48 hours of when it is due.

HB 405 (2018) repealed a 1930’s law requiring price fixing.

HB 429 (2018) requires that the Crime Victims Compensation Fund, rather than the victim, pay for the collection of evidence from a rape or other victim.

HB 447 (2018) affords greater protections for innocent citizens in civil asset forfeiture cases while preserving the ability to seize the ill-gotten gains of drug manufacturers and traffickers.

HB 448 (2018) provides that public breastfeeding is not a crime.

HB 551 (2018) extends the existing requirement that repeat DUI offenders use ignition interlocks to first time offenders; shifts focus to rehabilitation and away from incarceration by helping offenders avoid repeat offenses.

SB 1314 (2018) permits the expungement of fingerprint records and the sealing of court files in dismissed criminal cases.

SB 1245 (2018) allows forced entry of a vehicle to rescue a person.


SB 1221 (2018) makes it easier for high school and college students to transfer college credits.


HB 643 (2018) requires the state, rather than local property tax payers, to fund magistrate courts. 

Health and Welfare

HB 41 (2017) assists those with developmental disabilities to open savings accounts and receive gifts and bequests of money without losing social welfare benefits under the federal ABLE Act .

HB 465 (2018) restores preventative dental care for Medicaid eligible adults.

Human Rights

HCR17 (2017) recognizes and supports the history and ongoing contributions of immigrants to our country.

State Employees

3% State Employee Raises were funded in both the 2017 and 2018 sessions.

SB 1076 (2017)  preserves protections for public employees reporting waste, fraud and abuse. 


HB185 (2017) increased the amount of college savings plans contributions which are deductible from state income tax. 

HB 335 (2018) cuts unemployment insurance taxes while assuring adequate funding to continue benefit payments.

HB 513 (2018) makes free and reduced cost medical clinics exempt from sales taxes.

HB 515 (2018) repeals double taxation of certain withdrawals from college saving plans.

HB 626 (2018) requires a bond’s cost per $100,000 of assessed property value be shown to voters on ballot.

Bills I Helped Kill (2017 and 2018)

HCR 32 (2017) calling for a federal constitutional convention.

HB 419 (2017) purporting to ban Sharia law (which Idaho doesn’t have any way).

HB 590 (2017) providing for private school “scholarships” (i.e., vouchers).

SJR 105 (2017) seeking to give control over legislative and congressional district boundaries to the majority party. 

Bills I Supported that Died (2017 and 2018)

HB 67 (2017) would have repealed the sales tax on food (passed, but vetoed).

HB 408 (2018) to “Add the Words” barring gender identity and sexual orientation discrimination.

HB 573 (2018) requiring candidates to disclose personal income information.

HB 563 (2018) extending family planning services to 15,000 low-income women.

HB 577 (2018) legalizing CBD oil for the treatment of intractable epilepsy.

HB 1281 (2018) allowing patients to get a 12-month supply of birth control pills.

HJR 8 (2018) enhancing crime victims’ rights.

SB 1244 (2018) would have allowed forced entry of a vehicle to save a pet.