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My Bio

My Biography

My Biography


I was born in Ketchikan, Alaska in 1953. I grew up mainly on the West Coast and in Hawaii due to my father’s Coast Guard career. I also spent time with family in Idaho.  My parents gave me an interest in civil rights, and stressed the importance of being compassionate, fair and resolute in standing up for what’s right. So, it’s not surprising, that I am passionate about justice, and became a lawyer and a legislator fighting for people’s rights.

I graduated from the University of Idaho in 1975, worked in state government for a few years and then earned a law degree.  I have lived in Boise for 41 years, and been married to my wife, Christy, for 40 years.  We have two children, two grandchildren and a very exuberant golden retriever.  

My 30 year legal career has involved a wide variety of litigation and commercial work, and I was the managing partner of a Boise law firm for 16 years.  My legal practice now focuses on conducting mediations and arbitrations.  

I am now in my fifth year representing District 16 in the Idaho Senate.  I previously served in the Idaho House of Representatives for six years.  I have held several leadership positions in the Legislature, and currently serve on the Legislative Council.

Prior to my legislative service, I served as a Democratic Precinct Captain, Legislative District Chair, Ada County Chair, and as a member of the Democratic National Committee.  I have also worked on many campaigns for Democratic candidates, including those of former Governor Cecil Andrus.